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We have implemented a rating system into our classified advertising network for our members' benefit. We encourage all registered members to rate each other on the services or products provided by the other members. This will help members understand the history of the people they are involved with in each transaction.

Our ratings are figured on a system that averages the members' ratings from 1 to 5.

- Excellent Transactions deserve a rating of "5" and had quick and courteous contact between the parties involved. All transactions were completed in a timely fashion. The items involved were exactly as described and the completed transaction left the parties involved happy that they did business with each other.

4 - Good Transactions deserve a rating of "4" and were pleasant to be involved in. You may not think that you have made a new friend, but communication was clear and respect was maintained throughout. The items involved were as described and the transaction was a success.

3 -
Neutral Transactions deserve a rating of "3" and end up successful. You may choose to not be involved with the present party in the future, but the transaction was completed and the parties involved were mostly satisfied.

2 -
Poor Transactions deserve a rating of "2" and are not successful. Dishonest presentation of the items involved are present in the transaction or the transaction was never carried out. Due to the negative feelings of an incomplete transaction, other members may be very careful when or if dealing with these parties.

1 -
Stay Away! Transactions that deserve a rating of "1" are unsuccessful in every aspect. These transactions usually occur when someone sends payment, but doesn't receive an item, item is damaged, etc. It is highly suggested that these members should not be dealt with again. Members who continuously receive ratings of "1" may have their account suspended or deleted. If criminal activity is involved, these members will be turned over to the proper authorities for investigation.